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. good. i am your host, brenda wade. i it is holiday season. but it is a sad time for all of us. the friday newtown, connecticut shooting raises so many questions, so many feelings. how could this happen? how do we celebrate the holidays in the face of grief and loss? here to help us understand and heal, we welcome back our dear friend reverend perry lane with the interfaith circle. >> thank you for having me here. it is a pleasure. >> we need you. now, how do we wrap our heads and hearts around what happened in connecticut? >> it is difficult to do that because there is such pain. i think we have to feel the pain. sometimes we need to it is with
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the hurt or it is with the anger or it is with the disease and then let it move us into positive action. >> yes. >> so, i think people should not race to move from it, but to it is with it and ask, what would god have me do? >> yes. and you know, i can't agree with you more. from my other hat as a psychologist, one of the most important things for us to do is integrate feeling. we live in the don't feel culture. let's rush on, drink, eat, do something so we don't have to feel. but when we feel is when we heal. we have to feel it to heal it. i like what you said. when we it is with it, we can ask the deeper question what, would god have me to do? >> it is all about reflection. in our fast paced society, we don't find enough time to just reflect. but on many level this is trammed has caused the entire
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nation to -- this tragedy has caused the entire nation to stand back and reflect for a moment, on the nature of the shootings, what happen to our children, gun control laws and mental health issues. >> yes. there are a lot of issues. i can't help looking at the whole thing and saying how could we have prevented it. could the person who perpetrate this had crime have been helped. could we have been more active. this isn't the first time i think this is worst one we have seen, but this isn't the first time. we need to really ask how we take care of the people among us who are ill. i was traveling in africa and asked one of the young men who was our guide, why are there no homeless people on the street? said we would never let a member of our family be on the street. i said how do we take that home is this. >> i don't profess to have all
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the answers. so, let me be clear. i think we all have individual answers. what we need to do individually and collectively as a society. so, i think there are things that we should do individually when we see someone in pain. >> yes. and there are people around all of us right now in pain, right where we are. >> yes. a lot of pain. there are things we can do collectively as a society that our congress can do, that our senate can do. >> what are things we can do close to home? let's bring it home. we know there are things happening around the country and world, but what about in our own families. what is the best way from a spiritual perspective to approach that? >> i think there is nothing better than reflection time, or some people call it prayer time. but there is energy that is transmitted when you begin to focus on someone and you begin to send them love and light and energy. just the notion of holding
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someone in prayer or in that reflective place is a start. >> yes. >> then i think you move from there into action because while prayer is an action, we have to sort of as the quaker's say, move our feet, if you would. someone is in need of a coat. someone is in need of a meal. someone in need of a hug. someone, not just a stranger, but someone usually in our family or connected in our circle is in need. let's think about what that need is and see if we can fill it. >> yes, i love that! there is an old saying, hands that help are holier than lips that pray. >> right. >> so, times we have to take that action and i could not "glee" with you more about that. >> thank you. >> take it further. we are entering a new year. how would you really want to
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inspire us to make 2013 our best year yet? how do we approach that from a spiritual perspective? >> i think it is same. equally asking ourselves what would god have me do. i think this is an opportunity for the nation, for us collectively to ask ourselves, what would the divine what, we call the divine, have us do in this situation? is it gun control laws that we need to pass? is it making sure people have access to mental health services? is it checking on those folks in our communities that we recognize have mental health issues? >> yes. >> you know we have to take action on basic levels. >> i appreciate you sharing some of your thoughts with us, reverent perry, and i know you brought a beautiful poem, one of my favorites. close us out with that. >> this poem is by the late
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howard therman. it is called i will light candles this christmas. i will light candles this christmas, candles of joy despite all sadness. candles of hope where dispair keeps watch. candles of courage for fear of the present. canada manies of peace for tempest talk days. candles of grace to ease heavy burdens, candles of love to inspire all of my living. candles that will burn all the year long. >> that is beautiful. we do need to light those candles right now. thank you so much. i know that you have the interfaith circle. i want everybody to know about that. if you would like to learn more about reverend perry language and his work, you can visit his interrelationship physical therapy and dialogue that emphasizes -- flip and guy log
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and emphasizes love. stay right there. we have more are light coming your way in just a minute. a
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. welcome back. we are here to look now at the public health crisis,
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hypertension, heart disease, certain cancers. i don't necessarily think that a vegan diet is a perfect diet for everywhere, but it is a useful tool for addressing a lot of chronic illness that is people are dealing with. it is not just the hippies out in berkeley and portland who have renew saying this, but medical institutions are saying that low fat, vegan diets are very beneficial and helping not only to prevent but obliterate systems and illnesses. >> we have a diet known as the anti-depression diet. i looked at the diet and thought that is pretty much vegan eating, although they put in lean protein. it is so important to look at how the body processes food. if we are on a diet that gives us so much fat it is clogging the arteries, it means the brain can't work either.
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we are a delicate sensitive instrument and we have to take care of all of it. this is the fuel. we need good fuel in the missouri ratty. >> yes, we do. >> i want to go back to hopping john. i have heard of this dish but i have never had it. is it african inspired. what are is origins of hopping john? >> i call this cajun creole hopping john. >> i love chili peppers. let's see what we have here.
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yum. >> what do you think? >> fantastic. it is fantastic. i can taste the cayenne. it has like vinegar or lemon in it. there is a little acid in there. >> i put a little apple cider vinegar in there. >> is this recipe in your book? >> it is in my last book, vegan soul kitchen. my latest book has the perfect holiday cake. >> tell us about this holiday cake while i cut myself a piece. >> okay. once again, i often draw on a lot of southern staples and the main ingredient of this is molasses. >> i love molasses. >> it is the perfect sweetener. >> did you know that if you take two tablespoons of black mow has sis everyday, that is your full compliment of minerals, wednesday' need minerals for the brain to work
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well. >> what is this called? there is the ginger molasses cake with molasses coated wallnuts. what do you think? no eggs, no cow's milk. >> this is hep. oh, my god. you are a food activist making this fabulous food. what does it mean to be a food activist other than making me really happy with this cake? >> i am glad you asking that, because i think the quickest way to a person's heart and mind is through food. i think it is important. the visceral to the cerebral to the political. may i quote new. >> you may! >> i think we need to look at the policies that need to be changes to prevent the
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structures that keep people from eating healthy foods. >> in 2013, what is the most important thing we can do to be active about our own health. >> get food from local sources. farmer's markets, growing food at home, making meals for family and friend, sharing that and leading that to activism in our local community. >> i love that. that is one of the way to actually prevent and cure hung inner our communities, because where she a lot of hunger right here. >> right here in the bay area. my work was inspired directly by the black panthers and their work in the 60s and 70s, giving away free groceries. all my work is in the spirit of that and i hope i can inspire people. >> wonderful. bryant terry, you can cook! you want to read more about bryant and his healthy soul food cooking. visit his website at thank you for bringing the goodies, and everybody get out there and be active in 2013.
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stay right there. there is a lot more coming your way!
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. welcome back. we are here eating, singing song, and now we have a special treat for you. nicholas beard continue tosser made the audiences throughout the world! take a look...
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[ singing ] . >> what the world needs now!
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what is world needs now is love, sweet love! welcome back, bay area's very own jazz vocalist, nicholas beard. i love that, nicholas! that was a great number. you are rocking out, looking good as always. >> thank you. >> i know you have been busy. you have a new cd. what have you been up to? >> this cd has taken a long time to be birthed. this is vision which will be released very early in the coming year, more than likely late january, early february it will be released. it has been a labor of love, but a painful labor of love. [ laughing ] >> sometimes labor is painful. having been there myself a couple times! [ laughing ] >> yes. art comes out like that sometimes. tell us about the cd? what is on visions? >> visions is more of a venture into the world of straight ahead jazz. in addition to my sort of
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smoother, mellow on beat kind of feel, this time i wanted to venture off until straight ahead jazz vocals. >> you have standards here like misty. >> misty is one of those songs that for a while it was done, everybody did it, then it dropped out of favor. i brought it back with a b-3 organ and it is swinging, hitting real hard. >> i love it. it all goes round and round. everything must change. that is a great number. >> that is a good song. >> everything must change. what inspired to you do straight ahead jazz on visions? >> it is just an area i wanted to pursue in recording for a long time. i do that live all the time, so, my show is varied and mixed with r & b and straight hits jazz, and i won't say smooth jazz, but kind of a mellower side. >> everybody for years has
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called you the lou rawles of the next generation. i have heard you perform and i love your range. but you have his kind of feel. >> well, thank you. i do have some lou rawls influences. lou's music inspired me when i was much younger into the jazz realm, sort of jazz and blues, so -- . >> what are you up to this holiday season? >> i am doing a holiday concert with claire dee. >> who is claire dee? >> she does a lot of jazz in the bay area. i met clear dee when she was doing some acting. in the olden days. >> when the wagons were on the roads! >> and claire dee back in day
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put on a holiday party and this is now the 10th annual party. >> all right! >> i will be her special guest on the show and we will do beautiful christmas things. in fact, we have done a few songs include on the christmas holiday ep. >> it is called snow flakes. >> what is an ep? >> that is an extended play, it translates into this is not quite a full 12 or 13 songs or whatever, i think this is six songs or so. >> so, it is six songs and it is called snow flakes? >> yes. >> i love that. on this we have merry christmas baby and baby it is cold outside. and snow flakes. >> i don't know snow flakes. >> i wrote it. it is one of my compositions. >> hum a few bar, nicholas. ♪ snow flakes in the night, this is a feeling of holiday delight. ♪ >> i have to put it on and
8:26 am
listen to that! >> yes! >> that is lovely. now, everybody knows that music is a language of the soul. it is a language of the heart. how do you look at that as a musician who has had a successful professional career. how do you look at the gift that is you give your audiences? >> well, i really cherish what i do. increasingly as i get older, more mature, i really relish the fact that i am involved in this business and industry. >> beautiful! >> yes, and that this is a part of my life. >> i got it. you are very fortunate to be able to make your art also your career. >> absolutely. as you know, the saying goes, find something you love and you are never working. >> there you go. so, you love it. i want to also give away a gift of my own and i will let you know how you can hook one nicholas when he is singing tomorrow night, christmas eve
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at yoshi's. so, hang on. i have something very special for you. we are so grateful to all of you, our black renaissance viewers, that we decided to give you a gift. it is going to be a 90 minute free teleseminar, your healthiest year yet. it will be available to you with nicole parker, a beautiful hollywood actress. most of you know mick coal because she starred -- know her husband because she starred in soul food. the four pillars of health and happiness in 2013. you can register right now for this free seminar. do it today. send me an email at so that you can get your free gift. or just look me up, dr. brenda wade. you will find it on the website. now, are you ready for a
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special treat? nicholas will sing us out, but you go check him out at yoshi's, christmas eve. all right, everybody. blessings. here is nicholas, december 24th, 8:00 p.m. get those tickets at (415)655- 5600. nick l hit it! >> are you ready? >> i am ready! >> here we go! ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire. ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose. ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir and folks dressed up like he is camos. ♪ everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe has to make the
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season right. ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight. ♪ they know that santa is on his way. he is loading lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh, and every little child is going to spy to see if reindeer really know how to fly. ♪ and so i am offering this simple phrase to kids from 1 to 92. ♪ although it has been said many times many ways. ♪

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